In 2018, Hearts Full of Love is working alongside Feeding Hearts Ministry to serve the homeless and marginalized poor of Parker County.

We are continually searching areas in and around Parker County that would be attractive to someone without a home; under bridges, heavily wooded areas, parks, near creeks, parking lots, abandon buildings, etc. We only wish to show them kindness and compassion. Their location and identity will not be compromised.

We have learned many lessons from serving the homeless in Fort Worth and plan on applying that knowledge when helping our friends in Parker County. We work with multiple agencies in both Parker and Tarrant County.

If our friends without homes have a need for housing, employment, crucial documents, food pantries, medical assistance, or counseling services, we can refer them. 


If you know someone living in uninhabitable conditions, please contact us at 817 694-0863 or or message us on Facebook.

This includes: Weatherford, Mineral Wells, Azle, and Springtown, Texas