Three to four Saturdays a month HFOL heads to the park! We serve with, WhenWeLove and other like minded individuals with a common goal; to share the love of Jesus.

What do you do while serving on Saturdays?

We pass out coffee, snacks, toiletries, drinks, winter gear when needed, summer gear when needed, along with other basic needs items.

The items we pass out are important, but they are just a means to an end. We are more interested in getting to know the homeless, on a one on one basis, to form friendships. From these friendships we can introduce them to Jesus. He is the only true way to a transformed heart and mind.

We see money and treatment being thrown left and right, but the homeless problem is still here! We are by no means experts, but it is obvious to us, in many cases, homelessness is a heart condition and only Jesus has the answers. Once we truly know Him, we will want to change, and will seek treatment and counseling. We can testify to this in our own life.